young love

I’ll meet someone new like you met someone new

We are children in comparison to the voyages that will become our lives



Unorganized thoughts on being tied down:

  • Stop tying me down.
  • I don’t want to be tied down.
  • Stop trying to fit me into your ideal archetype of your idea of a perfect girl.
  • Male privilege
  • Irony/hypocrisy

Unorganized thoughts on commitment:

  • How does dancing work?
    • Why is dancing appealing?
    • Why is partying appealing?
    • I mean if you’re drinking, sure.
  • Love never works out.
  • Love is gross.

What does it feel to have an actual connection with another human being?


have you ever realized how much you hate people and then you realize that you’re a person too and then you start hating yourself

it’s tiring

remember when I used to love myself? ha, those were the days…


yo this is an aside it’s so strange

it’s literally the same thing as a post except it’s labeled ASIDE

but labels are everything right