about me

I am Hanna. If I gave you my full name, you could stalk me online because I’m virtually the only person with an online presence with my name. But I won’t give you my full name unless you give me a good reason.

I made this blog because hi.co was becoming too personal for me. Meaning, I don’t feel comfortable using my real name in very personal posts and having people read them knowing who I am even if they’re virtual strangers. Plus, people are no longer allowed to post on the site.

So this was the solution.

Background doesn’t matter since we’re all the same, but… I am an Asian American 17 year old female who lives on the east coast of the US of A – as of 4/15/2017. I’ve experienced things and I want to do more things.

more about me cut 1
more about me cut 2

This is the anonymous record of my personal thoughts and feelings. If you want to get to know me, then I’m sorry, but I don’t want anyone who reads this blog to know me. If you really want to know me, leave a comment and maybe I’ll PM you. If you don’t want to know me, leave a comment anyway because I like comments.


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