I am complete helloooooo

i’m sorry for how uncreative my titles are

okk fine i’ll make them more descriptive

okok so

idk I like him a lot like he’s cute n shit n i like him and he actually finally went to my room even tho I actually did not expect that and i’m like final-fucking-ly lol but since I wasn’t planning for that my room was a mess but also we talked and also i told him the thing thing

wow how fucking descriptive right

fucking kill me

no fr but saturday was nice we keep doing more every week but jesus i fucking HATE the culture of yup you need to date someone you need to like it’s a necessary thing and you should always be looking for someone else to FILL THE HOLE INSIDE YOU

like no bitch I don’t fucking need someone else to fill something inside of me, I don’t have some empty void that needs to be filled if I want you then it’s going to be because you would add on to me, you wouldn’t fucking complete me because I a m a l r e a d y c o m p l e t e

I don’t really know what else to write

the thing thing was him asking what was the worst thing I’ve done and i mean you already knowwwwww what that was

I think I asked him what his fam is like or maybe he asked me I think I asked him idfk i’m a fucking bitch amirite

Ok no it went good good lol good well xD

I hate how you never know if kids are fucking playing you and I’m so scared of being burned



What’s the worst that could happen if he’s playing me?

I don’t fuckingg think he’s fucking playing me

But what if he is


Ok the worst that could happen… we do things then I get attached and I start thinking that we’re a thing except we’re not because he don’t want me like that and he rejects me and I fucking cry and cry and cry

except no

except this time… this time…… this time it won’t be so bad

Like I feel like I love him but maybe I just want to fuck him and it’s so hard to separate the two

Like we’re moving slow so far and I guess that’s good but also bad but also good… but also bad lol

This time I’ll let myself fall?

This time will I let myself fall?

Will I just let go and live and love and not give a fuck if it’ll hurt more later on?

Will it be worth it?

Remember the promise you made to yourself Hanna.

I will never take another person for granted again I will never throw away love and run away because a moment of happiness is worth a couple more moments of pain because it was the journey that was worth it it was the fucking journey and who gives a fuck if you’ll cry your fucking eyes out later and you’ll be a fucking mess later because every time you get your heart broken it hurts a little less amirite?


no fr

finding someone who you actually the same way they like you is so hard, it’s so fucking rare despite the fact that there are more than seven million of us.

Don’t fucking throw that away

Fear of falling… Remember Jason Hanna? Do you remember? Take a moment.

yeah I guess I remember

I remember being sad all the time

I remember sobbing on the bathroom floor

I remember the pain

I remember crying in the playground in winter

do you?

I know you tend to forget about bad past things, but there’s a reason you told yourself you would never do that again.

You’re right.


I’ll let myself fall then.


(Go with the flow amirite)


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