…your advice and insight has affected how much I have grown in the past +1.5 years. To name the major changes (this is already too long), I’ve become much more stable, able to identify when I’m being self destructive, and manage my self destructive tendencies. I’ve become more decisive, I’ve stopped denying myself happiness and gotten over my relationship fear. I’ve gained tons more confidence and personal insight. I’ve learned what I value, what is important to me, and what I’m interested in, and I’ve actually gained a personality and a sense of self. I’ve learned to not get stuck in the past or let my irrationality and self destructiveness rule my actions. Overall, I’ve become more intellectually and emotionally mature.

So much has changed in a little under two years and to be honest it hit me only recently that I’m actually *leaving*. Like the first phase of my life is literally symbolically over and now “real life” starts. You were a big part of how I became the person I am at this part of my life and I just want you to know that too 🙂

Imma visit when I can and keep in touch oki (basically w only u and Jwong tbh)


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