The Great Gatsby Spoiler alert: Smol quote analysis

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” – The Great Gatsby

This is the closing quote of TGG, and basically it asserts that we, people, are fundamentally flawed and stuck in the past.

Which is a very pessimistic view, but then again, at it’s core, TGG is a very sad love story. A beautiful love story, but a sad one all together. (And a reminder that we should never let someone go if we love them.)

The whole novel in fact is written from the point of view of Nick, who is writing out the past. He is stuck in the past himself through grieving for Gatsby. And then one of the biggest themes of the book is Gatsby’s wish to repeat the past. That is, however, impossible of course. From a scientific point of view, everything in the universe descends towards entropy and can never go back to how it was before. In order to make things exactly where they were before, one would have to literally turn back time.

From a human perspective, things cannot go back to how they were before because people, the world, and everything are constantly changing. We are all in constant flux and every second that changes, we quite literally become a different person. People’s impressions of and feelings towards other people change over time, as shown in both Daisy and Gatsby (in opposite directions), as they experience more things and meet new people.

This was a great analysis of the past and future theme in The Great Gatsby.

I really like literary analysis lol

That’s not a crime 😉


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