about me cut 2

I want to be an astronaut, as well as a research scientist, test pilot, software developer, YouTuber, author, musician, adoptive mother, and admissions counselor. I want to gain degrees in multiple fields and study aerospace engineering. I am attending the US Air Force Academy for college.

I am not cultured. I am a swimmer, a roboticist, and a scholar. I have been a cheater, and I will never be one again. I have been in love with one person in my life so far. I am sometimes self-destructive and self-punishing, but life has taught me to not follow those declining tendencies. I am a life learner and perfectionist. I am a leader. I am a strong, independent young woman.

I regret my first and only kiss. The worst feeling in the world for me is going against my gut. I love music, food, literature, themes, and psychology. I love robotics because of the people and my team. I put myself first before anyone else. I don’t stay stuck in the past, and I don’t have regrets. I live and learn and stay fit. I never give up. My biggest strength is my adaptability. I don’t know what my biggest weakness is yet, but being self-destructive is still an apparent problem.

I want to see the world. I want to fall in love and live life to the fullest. I want people to know who I am, and I want to change people’s lives. I want to be on the 2030s mission to Mars. I want to have meaningful relationships. I can’t wait to see what my future holds.


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