jason likes erika and erika likes jason and I fucking hate my life

i fucking hate my life so much

I fucking hate myself so much I hate what I did I hate what I thought i was so fucking STUPID


Why was I so fucking dumb

I miss you I miss you so much even though we hardly got a chance to be together I miss what little we had and I miss what we could have had and I miss you and everything and the way I felt when you touched me

Literally I have no other way to say it lol

I was so dumb lol fuck my life fuck me fuck what I did fmlfmlfmlmflmflmflmflmflmfl ihms

I miss you dammit I miss you and it’s made worse because of how much I missed and how much I took for granted and how much we could have had but didn’t have and what could’ve been but what wasn’t


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